The Girlfriend Activation System Explained And Debunked

If you’re reading this, there’s probably a good chance you’ve already heard about the Girlfriend Activation System and are wondering what it’s all about.  Does it work?  Can it really help you get an incredible girlfriend?  Is it legit or is it just a bunch of bullshit put out by some unscrupulous marketer trying to take your money?

Guy With His Incredible Girlfriend

Having bought it myself, I can tell you the Girlfriend Activation System is legit.  You may or may not agree with every single principle taught in the course, but it’s not a scam.  It’s not fake.  It’s not some kind of hoax that steals your money and leaves you with nothing.

So if it’s the real deal, what exactly is the Girlfriend Activation System?  Put simply, the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is a multimedia course designed to help men find and attract amazing women.  The techniques taught in the course help you turn the woman you want into a loving, loyal, and long-lasting girlfriend.

GFAS can best be described as an online “video course”, although some Girlfriend Activation System reviews mistakenly describe it as an “ebook” or “PDF”.  Calling it such is simply false.  I recommend reading this Girlfriend Activation System independent review for a fantastic explanation of the program and the truth about what’s included with your purchase and how it all works.

GFAS is not a book.  It’s not available on Amazon.  It’s not available at your local bookstore.  It’s not an ebook, although it does include a downloadable PDF component.

GFAS is a video course.  The original Girlfriend Activation System (V1) was released in 2013 and was based on a video recording of a seminar put on by the creator, Christian H., in New York the previous year. In early 2014, the program was expanded and the most recent version (V2) was released.

A quick rundown of the components of the Girlfriend Activation System include:

  1. Access to both the old version (GFAS V1) and the newest version (GFAS V2) inside the members area
  2. Access to The SM Members Community forum where you can get help from extremely successful dating experts and pick-up artists.
  3. 14-Day Free Trial to “The Ten Code” (ongoing monthly training)
  4. A wide range of bonus programs

The Girlfriend Activation System comes highly recommended by several top dating and relationship blogs. So, if there’s a girl on your radar who you want to be exclusively yours, check out this website.

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